Its All about Pj Problem Strings (SiPjAjk) - 7 Spaces Of Interest (Si) and their associated Basic Sequences; 7 Pj Problems of Interest (PPI) and their Alleles (Ajk)

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Expressions Of Pj Problems

"I have reduced physics to mathematics" - Descartes.
Strings (SiPjAjk) reduce all knowledge to mathematics.

Free Falling Pebble

Free Falling Pebble
(a) What is the speed of a pebble 4 secs after it is dropped?
(b) What is the average speed during the 4 secs?
(c) At what instant does the pebble actually posssess this average speed?
                → Solution: the strings and the math.

Meridian Travel

Meridian Travel
If a man changes his latitude by 2 degrees when traveling along a meridian (figure 5.4). How far does he travel?
                → Solution: the strings and the math.

Row Your Boat

You can row a boat at 6 miles/hr in a given river when the water is still. You plan to row upstream for 12 miles and back when the river's current flows at 2 miles/hr. How long will the entire trip take (ignore time it takes to change direction)?
                → Solution: the strings and the math.

The Spirogram - Air Flow Into Lungs

A spirogram is a device that records on a graph the volume of air in a person's lungs as a function of time. If a person undergoes spontaneous hyperventilation, the spirogram trace will closely approximate a sine curve. A typical trace is given by the following equation:
V(t) = 3 + 0.05sin(160πt - π/2), where t is time measured in minutes and V(t) is the lung volume in liters.
(a) What is the formula for the rate of flow of air into the lungs at time t?
(b) What is the peak inspiration flow, that is, the maximum rate of flow of air during inspiration (breathing in)?
(c) What is the mean inspiration flow, that is, the average rate of flow of air during inspiration, from t = 0 to t = 1/160?
                → Solution: the strings and the math.

Molecular Orbital Theory

3. (a) Use the atomic orbitals of the hydrogen atom (H), to obtain the molecular orbitals for the hydrogen molecule (H2). Hints: whenever two atomic orbitals overlap, two molecular orbitals form.
4. Write the general representative string for the excitation of one of the electrons of the hydrogen molecule by light from the bonding MO1s) to the antibonding MO*1s*).
                → Solution

Non-ABn Molecules

Given the following Lewis Structure of acetic acid. Predict the molecular geometry of acetic acid from its Lewis structure and the bond angles associated with its geometry
Lewis Structure Acetic Acid
3. Write the general representative strings for Non-ABn Molecules
                → Solution

Mind Warm Ups

The point "." is a mathematical abstraction. It has negligible size and a great sense of position. Consequently, it is front and center in abstract existential reasoning.
Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs)
Vector Spaces
Real Numbers

What is Time?
St Augustine On Time
Bergson On Time
Heidegger On Time
Kant On Time
Sagay On Time
What is Space?
Newton On Space
Space Governance
Imperfect Leaders
Essence Of Mathematics
Toolness Of Mathematics
The Number Line
The Windflower Saga
Who Am I?
Primordial Equilibrium
Primordial Care
Force Of Being

Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. John 20:29

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