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Pj ProblemStrings Sequencing

On a Tripod in the Kingdom of Conceptual Knowledge, rest all concepts in the physical Universe. Triadic Time; Existential Triad and Pj ProblemStrings Sequencing are the three legs of the Tripod. We have addressed Triadic Time and Existential Triad. The focus is now on PjProblemStrings Sequencing.

Digging - The PjProblemStrings Sequences


One of the ways humans derive benefits from the earth is to dig it. They dig earth to sow; they dig it to build; they dig it to mine; they dig it to hide valuables and they dig it to bury their loved ones.
(a) The illustrated bulldozer is engaged in simple digging. Highlight its digging.
(b) Indicate the PjProblem Strings for the highlights. Thus establish the PjProblemStrings Sequences for the digging.
Other livings things are also diggers: some rodents dig to hibernate (e.g. the groundhog); bears dig to find food; dogs dig when hot in search of cool space; squirrels dig to hide their food and trees dig in search of water and nutrients.
(c) How does the digging of a tree differ from the digging of the illustrated bulldozer.
(d) Do you agree that walking on sand is digging? If you do, differentiate the digging that results from walking on sand from the digging of the illustrated bulldozer.
(e) Suggest two prerequisites one would need inorder to formulate a mathematical model for the digging of the bulldozer.
(f) Explain the correctness or incorrectness of the following assertion: every movement on the ground is digging.

                → Solution: the strings and the math.

Life Of A Celestial Star - PjProblemStrings Sequences

Celestial Stars

Celestial stars influenced the creation of the natural elements that constitute living things on earth. The Sun, which is the nearest star to earth, continues to influence existence of living things on earth.
(a) Highlight the life of a star from birth to death.
(b) How did the distribution of nebulae in Space aid the formation of stars?
(c) List four descriptions that together establish the identity of a star.
(d) Each stage in the life of a star was influenced by one or more of the fundamental forces of nature. Which two fundamental forces are critical to the onset of fusion in a star?
(e) Which motions that occur during the last phase of a star's life are mostly responsible for the formation of higher mass elements beyond Iron (Fe)?
(f) The early Universe primarily contained Hygrogen and Helium. Stars made the formation of more elements possible. So they played an important role in the formation of Earth and its inhabitants. True or False
(g) Stars are grouped into 7 classes (O,B,A,F,G,K,M) according to surface temperature. Where O is the hottest and M is the coldest.The main sequence is a band of stars indicated in a Hertzsprung-Russell color - brightness plot (H-R diagram). Given a main sequence star that belongs to the M group. Approximate its maximum surface temperature, conventional color, apparent color, mass in solar mass, luminosity in solar luminosity and the nuclei being fused in its core.
(h) List some of the celestial bodies that are conclusive evidence of the death of a star.
(i) Indicate the PjProblestrings for each of the highlights in (a). Thus establish the PjProblemstrings Sequences for the life of a celestial star.

                → Solution: the strings and the math.

PjProblemStrings Sequences Of The Early Universe

PjProblemStrings Sequencing Of The Early Universe

At about time t = 1013 secs (300,000 yrs), the Universe was emerging from its early beginnings. The atom became the most stable matter about this time.
(a) Highlight the journey of the early Universe from time t = 0 secs to time t = 1013 secs.
(b) Why did the Universe not contain atoms, even though protons, neutron and electrons were present from t=102 to t=1013?
(c) What atoms were formed during the process called recombination?
(d) Which forces were responsible for the protons-protons bonding, and the protons-electrons attraction that made the formation of atoms possible?
(e) What is the principal atomic motion that resulted from the success of recombination?
(f) Recombination cleared travel-paths for photons(light's sub particles). Consequently, photons were able to travel freely and farther. A change that made knowledge of the universe possible. True or False?
(g) Our world is made up of Quarks (protons, neutrons) and Leptons (electrons, muons, taus). We can observe in the everyday world, only up and down quarks, electrons and electron-neutrinos. These particles are called first generation particles.
Group these interactions: proton-proton; proton-neutron; proton-electron?
(h) What was the most stable matter in the Universe when it was about 300,001 yrs old?
(i) Describe the PjProblemStrings for each of the highlights in (a). Thus establish the PjProblemStrings Sequences of the early Universe.

                → Solution: the strings and the math.

PjProblemStrings Sequences Of Triadic Algebra

PjProblemStrings Sequences Of Triadic Algebra
The term Algebra was derived from Al-Jabr wal-Muqobalah:
The Compedious Book Of Calculation By Completion And Balancing
written by the great mathematician Mohammed ibn Musa al-Khowarizmi (A.D. 780 - 850).

(a) What is the meaning of Triadic Algebra?
(b) Explain the three concepts that constitute Triadic Algebra
(c) Describe the PjProblemStrings Sequences that represent
the three concepts of Triadic Algebra.

                → Solution: the strings and the math.

PjProblemStrings Sequencing And The Derivative

PjProblemStrings Sequencing and The Derivative

The derivatives and anti-derivatives of functions are very important analytical tools. They form the branch of mathematics generally known as calculus. Calculus has been and continue to be an indispensable tool in the analysis of existential problems. The great Isaac Newton (1642-1727 A.D.) formulated the calculus. He called his formulation the method of Fluxions.

(a) What work does the derivative do?
(b) Use PjProblemStrings Sequencing to broadly describe this work of the derivative.
(c) What is the geometric interpretation of the derivative of a single variable function and a multi-variable function.
(d) Is the geometric interpretation consistent with PjProblemStrings Sequencing?
(e) What are some of the applications of the derivative?

                → Solution: the strings and the math.

PjProblemStrings Sequences Of Information Supply Chains In The Human Body

PjProblemStrings Sequences Of Information Supply Chains In The Human Body

Timely information (particularly in living organisms) is an existential demand. So, there exist existential information supply chains.

(a) What is information?
(bi) In what primary forms is information transmitted in the human body?
(ii) Identify the information supply chains in the human body.
(iii) Indicate the PjProblemStrings Sequences of the information supply chains.
(iv) Which of the 7 types of PjProblemStrings Sequences are present in the information supply chains in the human body?
(ci) How has the human body secured its information supply chains?
(ii) Is the security perfect?
(iii) What lessons can humans learn from how information supply chains are secured in the human body?
(di) Name some important hormones, the information they contain and the glands that secrete them in the human body.
(ii) Name the organs that receive the hormonal information named in (di) and describe how they respond to the information
(e) Briefly state the fundamental biologic cycle of information.
(fi) How is the information supply chains of the human body similar to the information supply chains called the internet.
(fii) How is the information supply chains of the human body dissimilar to the information supply chains called the internet.

                → Solution: the strings and the math.

PjProblemStrings Sequences Of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Supply Chains

PjProblemStrings Sequences Of ATP Supply Chains

Energy is the basic existential currency especially for living organisms. In other words, existence demand energy. So, there exist existential supply chains.

(a) What is Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)?
(bi) Where in the human cell is ATP produced?
(ii) Identify the supply chains needed to produce ATP in the human body.
(iii) Indicate the PjProblemStrings Sequences of the supply chains.
(iv) Which of the 7 types of PjProblemStrings sequences are present in ATP supply chains?
(ci) How has the human body secured its ATP supply chains?
(ii) Is the security perfect?
(iii) What lessons can humans learn from how ATP supply chains are secured in the human body?
(d) ATP is a single nucleotide. Name two important macromolecules in the human body that also contain nucleotides.
(e) How is the energy ATP stores made available in cells?
(f) Briefly state the fundamental biologic cycle of energy.

                → Solution: the strings and the math.

PjProblemStrings Sequences Of Supply Chains

PjProblemStrings Sequencing Of Supply Chains

Any being has at least one basic need at creation. These basic needs are natural demands of the being. Natural demands must be met by supply chains. In other words, natural demands and the supply chains that meet them are existential imperatives necessary for the maintenance of existential equilibrium. Over time, humans have created various demands beyond those incorporated in them at creation. Consequently, there exist various supply chains. However, most human supply chains cater to humans' natural demands and mutants of the demands.

Supply chains are at the heart of existence and they are configurations of PjProblemStrings Sequences.

(a) Name two primary natural demands required by living things on earth and indicate the supply chains for the demands.
(bi) Identify two primary supply chains in the human body and indicate the demands they meet.
(ii) Identify the forces and the motions of the PjProblemStrings Sequences of the supply chains.
(ci) Land ports, sea ports, air ports (and in the future, space ports) are supply chains. Indicate the demands they meet.
(ii) Which of the seven types of PjProblemStrings Sequences are commonly seen at airports? Which types are rarely seen?
(di) Figure 177 is a sketch of part of the supply chains of the super market with H as headquarters, D1 and D2 as depot, D11, D12, D13, D21, D22, D23 as individual stores. B is the supermarket's bank that links H to banks network. Why is it easy to see in figure 177 that H is the head office (or headquarters)?
(ii) What part of the supply chains is not included in figure 177?
(e) Communication with one another was an early human desire. Over the years, humans have created complex communication supply chains. What force is always present in any human communication supply chains?
(f) Demand goes to supply or supply goes to demand. Both scenarios are present amongs humans. Indicate scenarios when the former movement is preferable.
(gi) Google Search is a variant of the offload scenario. Explain.
(ii) What type of PjProblemStrings Sequence are the displayed results of a Google search?

                → Solution: the strings and the math.

Electromagnetic Waves - Invisible PjProblemStrings Sequences

Electromagnetic Waves - Invisible PjProblemsStrings

The PjProblemStrings Sequences examples given previously for each of the seven types of PjProblemStrings Sequences are visible to the unaided eyes. Some PjProblemStrings Sequences are invisible to the unaided eyes. These sequences are electromagnetic waves (excluding the visible light of the electromagnetic spectrum).

(a) How are electromagnetic waves formed?
(b) How are electromagnetic waves different from other waves (eg. ocean wave)?
(c) There are seven types of PjProblemStrings Sequences. Electromagnetic waves are PjProblemStrings Sequences. To what group will you assign them?

                → Solution: the strings and the math.

Types of PjProblemStrings Sequences

Types Of PjProblemStrings Sequences

PjProblemStrings Sequences are the work-horses of dynamic spaces. The primary types are as follows:
(1) Stand-alone PjProblemStrings Sequences
(2) Queueing PjProblemStrings Sequences
(3) Colliding PjProblemStrings Sequences
(4) Displacement PjProblemStrings Sequences
(5) Overlapping PjProblemStrings Sequences
(6) Hovering PjProblemStrings Sequences
(7) Linked PjProblemStrings Sequences

(a) Give at least one example for each of the seven types
of PjProblemStrings Sequences.
(b) Interprete Newton's first and third laws of motion in the context of PjProblemStrings Sequences.

                → Solution: the strings and the math.

The Number Line Via PjProblemStrings Sequencing

The Number Line Via PjProblemstrings Sequencing

The Number Line is a great human invention. Its current state is a consequence of centuries of development of an initial primitive one-one mapping of symbols to the existential awareness of physical quantities in space. The success of the Number Line is due to its explicit and implicit values. The myriad advanced number theories are consequences of its implicit value. The cardinality and ordinality of numbers are consequences of its explicit value.

Consider the following scenarios:
Scenario I: a crane offloads the containers of an importer from a container ship one container at a time and stores them in an allocated space onshore. The importer's guard who has the identities of the containers ensures that the containers are accurately offloaded.

Scenario II: the customers of a service company queue up in front of a service counter. The company's guard ensures an orderly queue.

(a) Which of the scenarios involves PjProblemStrings Sequencing?

(bi) Which scenario emphasizes the cardinality of numbers?
(ii) Which scenario emphasizes the ordinality of numbers?
(iii) Explain how the guards' responsibilities are influenced by
the cardinality and ordinality of the scenarios.

(c) Consider a number line initialized via PjProblemStrings Sequencing:
(i) define the 0 (zero) of such a number line.
(ii) Interprete the positive whole numbers of such a number line.
(iii) Interprete the negative whole numbers of such a number line.

(d) The coordinates of the cartesian point A(x, y, z) is derived
via PjProblemStrings Sequencing. Explain.

                → Solution: the strings and the math.

PjProblemStrings (SiPjAjk)

We are Jacks of all knowledge and we aspire to master all by stringing our brains using the TECians' Tool.

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Thermodynamic Stability As A Function Of Enthalpy Of Formation
Activation Energy As Prerequisite For Activated Complex
Energy In A Mole Of Crystalline Solid
Potential Energy Between Atoms As A Function Of Nucleic Spacing
Interatomic Force As A Function Of Nucleic Spacing
Maximum Charge In Coulombs On A Bismuth Ion
Properties Of Elements Due to Valence-Shell Electrons
Electron Residency In Atomic Orbitals
Volume Of A Barrel
The Grocer And His Fruits
Time Population A Equals Population B
Break-Even Point Of A Publisher
Circle Test For Deductive Reasoning
Conditional River Crossing With Wolf, Goat And Cabbage
Select A Fruit
Average Rate Of Work - Two Ditch Diggers
Energy Stored In A Magnetic Field And Incremental Inductance
Induced Voltage Of Coil In A Magnetic Field
Charge Moving In A Constant Magnetic Flux
3 Phase Power
AC Power Triangle
Average AC Power
Center Tapped Transformer
Ideal Transformer
Band Pass Filter
High Pass Filter
Low Pass Filter
Phasor Form Of Periodic Signals
Frequency Response Of Output Voltage At High And Low Frequency
Random Signals
Periodic Signals
Even Functions - Odd Functions
Rocket Work Take That Load Up
Cable Work Bring That Load Up
Friction Work Bring That Moving Object To Stop
Escape Velocity
Signals From Mars
Speed Of A Satellite In An Orbit
Acceleration Of Object In Circular Motion With Constant Speed
Object Thrown Up From The Roof
Maximum Height Of A Projectile
Maximum Range Of A Projectile
Direction Of A Projectile
Difference Between Matter And Radiant Energy
Difference Between Mass And Weight
Einsteins Energy Formula Applied To Uranium-235 Detonation
Water At Bottom Of A Water Fall Warmer Than Water At Top
Air Plane In Flight-Head Wind Tail Wind
Couples In Equilibrium
Sound Travel In An Iron
Shell Fired At An Angle
Range Of A Projectile
How Deep Is The Well
Slow And Steady Average Speed Of Auto
Kings An Aces
Inclined Plane
Car Choices
Free Falling Pebble-2
Free Falling Pebble
Meridian Travel
Row Your Boat
The Spirogram - Air Flow Into Lungs
Composition Structure Of Matter
How Matter Gets Composed
How Matter Gets Composed (2)
Structure Of Matter
Bond Length Bond Angle
Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion
Molecular Shape Orbital Hybridization
Sigma Bonds Pi Bonds
Non ABn Molecules
Molecular Orbital Theory

What is Time?
St Augustine On Time
Bergson On Time
Heidegger On Time
Kant On Time
Sagay On Time
What is Space?
Newton On Space
Space Governance
Imperfect Leaders
Essence Of Mathematics
Toolness Of Mathematics
The Number Line
The Windflower Saga
Who Am I?
Primordial Equilibrium
Primordial Care
Force Of Being

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